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Let's kick the fic wittering old-school too, while we're at it.

Mr Pedia just handed me something labeled "the first Sharpie pen" and I am wondering what the heck all those things with the word "Sharpie" on them that I've been writing with for years were, if not pens. I suppose if you're in the ink-delivery-mechanism business you have specific words for various ink-splatting techniques that mere laymen like me do not distinguish.

The Buffy/Oz/Xander kinkfic thing has made a reappearance. It seems to be engaging me, though I am somewhat taken aback by the whole thing. The language is sort of rough, by which I mean the diction level calls for the c word. Not the one fandom uses constantly, the other one, for the other sex. I have no idea if I should ever post it. It's like the Giles/Xander schoolboy thing I have all those words written for: oh dear.

The Buffy/Giles Iceland story has reached the point where I simply must write an outline for the complicated plotty bits I've been dreaming through. If I want some thematic stuff to interlock with some other plotty stuff and make sense, it helps to have some kind of map. I am terribly afraid that I'm going to get my setting horribly wrong, though, no matter how many Flickr photosets I look at.

nutterbudgie has salvaged what remains of my ego and bid on my fic offer for help_haiti. Until I receive specific instructions I'll be tinkering with an evil-Council forced marriage early-seasons Buffy/Giles plot, kickin' it old school.

I dipped into the metafandom linklists this week, as I do sometimes when procrastinating, and woah, I have no idea what to say to that particular mess. I will blink at it then quietly walk away.

Random: Today's music field mentions a song that I'm almost embarrassed by. It's just so ridiculously and unironically uplifting. (C.f. a stunning cover.) I get grumpy when I hear it in movie trailers because I feel it shouldn't be wasted like that. Which probably means I've lost my mind.
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