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A story custom-written to your prompt.

help_haiti is hosting an auction of mostly-fannish works to raise money for disaster recovery in Haiti. People are donating their fannish creativity for auction. Winners donate the amount of their bid to one of the charities listed. (I'm partial to Doctors Without Borders.) This post has some more details.

Here's my offer for fic custom-written for you. Leave a comment to bid.
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I got the comment notifications, and I see your comment there. Perhaps LJ is just being slow and/or buggy. So far, yer winning :)
How would you feel about an earlier-seasons Council forced marriage plot? Or a green card marriage? Or just prompt me, duuude.
Forced marriage is fine with me, but I think Sahiya js also bidding. Whatevs, as a proud Canadian, my fuck-up country matches my donation, so this fic will help MSF. :)
I'm in on this, too. :} (and by the by, if I win, I'd be satisfied with pretty much whatever you want to write, but I'll certainly make some suggestions) :)