Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Friending meme

I have already met some interesting people through xdawnfirex's friending meme post, and you might too. I'm still pretty new and unconnected 'round these parts, so I appreciate memes like this one.

It's interesting how, in five months, I have gone from knowing exactly no one in the Buffyfic world to, well, knowing a few people whom I have come to like a whole bunch, if from a distance. You all seem like fine people and I would adore to have rambling conversations over coffee with you. I refresh my friends page more than I would ever have guessed I would. And found myself worrying over people's bad days more than I thought I would. Though I'm still not so comfy expressing it; am fundamentally shy and awkward with people. But hey, there's still time for me to learn how.
Tags: life, meme

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