This just in, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still--

It turns out that I still can't read Holmes/Watson slash.

There was some big spoiler leak about the Buffy Season 8 comics, but I couldn't bring myself to care enough to seek out the details.

Season 4 is better than I thought it was on first viewing; it's only the arc letdown after the best-of-the-series season 3 arc that made it feel blah.

The Top Gear Bolivia special made me unhappy because it really ought to have been twice the length.

I really wish I could figure out where my will to write went. What happened to all that self-discipline?

I panicked on the AU Bigbang signup. But I think I do need the deadline. See previous.
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I prefer SH gen over Sherlock/Watson slash too. I liked the movie though, and I thought the rumors about slash being movie canon rather over blown.

I stopped reading the comic a year or so ago. I want it not to be canon.

I thought the same thing about the top gear Bolivia episode.

"Canon" is a slippery thing. Most of the people who might read my fanfic are not also reading the comic, so it's not at the same level as the TV show for me as a writer. Canon is what I can presume my readers already know before they start reading my fic. I can generally assume they don't know the comics.

The slash subtext comes from the same place it always does in movies or shows about buddies or close male friendship. I definitely see the Holmes/Watson subtext that people react to; it's practically the first slashy buddy dynamic in English-language lit. I also see it in the House/Wilson relationship. I just, hmm, prefer the male friendship reading when I go for fic.
The Top Gear Bolivia Special was completely awesome.

I loved every single minute...and yes... it SHOULD have been longer.
Maybe twice as long would have been too much, but man! I wanted more travelogue as well as more bickering.