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Mmm, Guy Ritchie, yes.

Turns out I've enjoyed every Guy Ritchie movie I've seen, and the Robert Downey Jr Holmes movie is no exception. Nice tight screenplay-- mostly didn't hit me over the head with the structural points, although they were recognizable. (Though the giant ticking clock at the end was a bit much.) The Holmesiana was excellent. So much canon made an appearance, from the bullpup and the temper to the bullet pocks on the walls to the boxing. These writers know their Holmes all the way around. And I massively loved the mega-grimy 1887 London. Excellent production design.

Loved the fight choreography. Walking-stick fighting, most excellent. So was the Ritchie directorial stylization present in those sequences.

I would have liked more definitive cross-dressing from The Woman.

Downey's accent didn't drive me bonkers. I await the judgement of my cousins overseas on that one, though. I still sort of object to his casting on principle, mind you, though I enjoy Downey's work a ton.
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