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Insert reference to a Niven short story, the one before "At the Bottom of a Hole"

Probably spoilerish, so I merely refer to the title instead of using it. We watched the NYE Dr Who special this morning.

How the heroes die: like Buffy. Not like this.

We know instantly that Time Lord Timothy Dalton is a baddie. We know this because this is fantasy, not SF. If it were actual SF, the writer would be behind this "hey, dying is bad and the ultimate horror and I'm all in favor of science fixing that shit". But no, we're in the land of fantasy, where the lugubrious apologists like LeGuin and Tolkien tell us we should be okay with ceasing to exist because their religion says so. Or some nonsense like that. Bah. Biology is not my destiny.

Not that I have a hot button issue or anything.

I wonder. The Doctor must lose his sense of self, the continuity of the monologue of the internal "I", in order for regeneration to be that upsetting to him. Because, hey, he's done it before. Enough times, you'd think, to know that life continues afterward. But take away my "I" and I'd be upset too. I guess. Since I'm not a hero.

Otherwise, omg, that was maudlin self-indulgent crap. I liked the last 15 seconds, though!
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