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2009 fic round-up

So according to my tool, it actually took me 0 seconds to compile my 2009 fic roundup.
citroen:importer> ./ -y 2009
Site last updated Thu, 03 Dec 2009 12:10PM
No story updates found.
Generating story listing for 2009...
Done; 0 seconds elapsed.
Rounding errors. Let's call it 1 second.

I completed 8 stories totalling 49,038 words in 2009.

Alambic Brandy - Giles/Faith, FRT
The Watchers and Slayers Society is about to hold its annual holiday party. Giles and Faith are half a world away. 2890 words. 2009-01-11.

Liberation - Giles/Buffy/Ethan, FRAO
Tonight it's strong drink and desperate sex, and tomorrow they ride away. A post-"Gift" AU. 3530 words. 2009-03-08.

The Value of Restraint - Giles/Buffy, FRM
Buffy finds the box Giles has hidden in the back of his closet, the one with the Council's tools. 411 words. 2009-05-19.

Echoes in the Air (Pistolwhip Remix) - gen, FRT
The morning after firing a gun in a tiny room. 2096 words. 2009-07-19.

Broken Vessel - gen, FRM
Giles has just enough money left for a train ticket home. 4151 words. 2009-07-27.

Legacies - gen, FRC
Uncle Charles's last will and testament, the rackety old bastard. 1785 words. 2009-07-27.

Dormant - Giles/Buffy, FRT
Buffy has run away to seek an ordinary life. Giles finds her, and tells her she can have it. That should be the end of the story. 9825 words. 2009-09-16.

Liegeman - Giles/Buffy, FRAO
Buffy settles into command of her liegeman, but finds that the rest of her life is complicated, and dangerous where she'd expected safety. 24350 words. 2009-11-26.

Sigh. How'd I do on last year's resolutions? I wrote more gen. I wrote longer. I did remix. I finished no wips.

Resolutions for 2010? Write more. Finish more. I don't care what.
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