world continues to turn

Divers alarums.

Oh, dear, it's not going to take me very long to write my yearly fic roundup post. I wrote a lot of words this year, a lot of words connected into coherent sentences that almost (but not quite) form complete stories. It's the complete stories part I fell down on. Or lost heart with. So many half-done or three-quarters done stories. So many.

Also, I observe that a) nobody on the AO3 is reading, and b) if they do read they do not comment. It is ever this way. I am mellow. Mostly. Except when I lose heart. Performance of the archive is still cruddy, but then, it's Rails. I am mellow.

I note that there is already wanky warring between old-time Sherlockians and DowneyJr!Sherlockians, which was predictable, but the wank writeup is a most excellent pastiche in its own right. Must read. I still haven't seen the movie, but I'm reliably informed it's the fun sort of travesty instead of the annoying sort. I enjoy fun travesties.

Have been re-reading the collected works of Saint Buffy, and aching for more. Sniffle.
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Heh would love for you and Mr A to see the travesty so we could discuss.