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Doctor Who 2009 Christmas special

Well, hrm. Mr P & I watched the Who Christmas special last night and O.o:

That plot: how incoherent was it? Compare with other incoherent scripts in Who's past. How many of them were written by RTD?

How much more interesting were the final 15 seconds than the entire previous hour?

John Simm vs John Malkovich: discuss.

A common hack screenwriter's crutch is the figure that appears and gives incoherent hints about the future to the protagonists. This script used two of these. How would you rewrite to improve?

Exactly how eager are you for the era of Moffat? How braced are you for the inevitable letdown with Eleven?
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There is Simm-related fanservice in it. You'd probably like the Wilf-Doctor scenes. And there's the last few seconds, which are pretty interesting. The rest of it is straight Rusty trope-age.