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Doctor Who 2009 Christmas special

Well, hrm. Mr P & I watched the Who Christmas special last night and O.o:

That plot: how incoherent was it? Compare with other incoherent scripts in Who's past. How many of them were written by RTD?

How much more interesting were the final 15 seconds than the entire previous hour?

John Simm vs John Malkovich: discuss.

A common hack screenwriter's crutch is the figure that appears and gives incoherent hints about the future to the protagonists. This script used two of these. How would you rewrite to improve?

Exactly how eager are you for the era of Moffat? How braced are you for the inevitable letdown with Eleven?
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Every time I watch him I think about how pissed I've been since his first appearance about what he did to Harriet Jones, PM. I could never warm to him.

Oh. Also. Can Eleven travel to some alien locations for a change? Or perhaps just swan around Paris holding hands with that cute red-headed chick? No moar Wales, kthxbai.
Also, hey, you need to watch you some Seven one of these days. "The Curse of Fenric" is good stuff. Historical, even. And since you loves you some One, "Remembrance of the Daleks" has some intertextual goodness you'll enjoy.
There's this delicious moment of self-doubt at the end of "Remembrance", where Ace asks Seven uncertainly if they did good, and he looks grim and says that time will tell. There is a certain amount of arrogance in him in that serial ("I can do anything I please!" as he rewires a Dalek widget) but it's always leavened. I dunno. I like Seven. And Ace, who indeed in that one and in at least one other tells off the racists.