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Doctor Who 2009 Christmas special

Well, hrm. Mr P & I watched the Who Christmas special last night and O.o:

That plot: how incoherent was it? Compare with other incoherent scripts in Who's past. How many of them were written by RTD?

How much more interesting were the final 15 seconds than the entire previous hour?

John Simm vs John Malkovich: discuss.

A common hack screenwriter's crutch is the figure that appears and gives incoherent hints about the future to the protagonists. This script used two of these. How would you rewrite to improve?

Exactly how eager are you for the era of Moffat? How braced are you for the inevitable letdown with Eleven?
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Every time I watch him I think about how pissed I've been since his first appearance about what he did to Harriet Jones, PM. I could never warm to him.

Oh. Also. Can Eleven travel to some alien locations for a change? Or perhaps just swan around Paris holding hands with that cute red-headed chick? No moar Wales, kthxbai.
Also, hey, you need to watch you some Seven one of these days. "The Curse of Fenric" is good stuff. Historical, even. And since you loves you some One, "Remembrance of the Daleks" has some intertextual goodness you'll enjoy.
There's this delicious moment of self-doubt at the end of "Remembrance", where Ace asks Seven uncertainly if they did good, and he looks grim and says that time will tell. There is a certain amount of arrogance in him in that serial ("I can do anything I please!" as he rewires a Dalek widget) but it's always leavened. I dunno. I like Seven. And Ace, who indeed in that one and in at least one other tells off the racists.
How eager am I for the era of Moffat?

Not at all. It's probably going to be the end of me as far as the show goes. I don't rate him at all and I think it'll just be more of the same kind of crap he's always written.

RTD was bad enough - but I'm not going to watch this bastardisation of a show I loved anymore.
See, the thing I like about Moffat's scripts (the ones we've seen so far) is that they're the closest things in the new series to what I like about Classic Who serials. So I'm kinda hoping for more Who-ish-ness with Eleven.

But I'm braced for disappointment, because, well, that's safest.
Good lord, really? He has flashes - but way too much contrived emotion for my liking.

As for eleven...he and Moffat do not fill me with any hope whatsoever.

I'm starting to wish they'd never bought the show back - I'm tired and fed up to the back teeth of defending Classic Who against a section of New Who fans who can't see past the shininess.

Essentially, I'm a grumpy bugger about Who now.
Another question: Do I or do I not wish to watch this?

There is Simm-related fanservice in it. You'd probably like the Wilf-Doctor scenes. And there's the last few seconds, which are pretty interesting. The rest of it is straight Rusty trope-age.

That plot: how incoherent was it?

How much more interesting were the final 15 seconds than the entire previous hour?

Like a billion times more. It almost made watching the previous hour worth it to get to that.

Exactly how eager are you for the era of Moffat? How braced are you for the inevitable letdown with Eleven?

Eleven has been rubbing me the wrong way since they announced him. I'm not ashamed to admit I really like Ten for the most part, but these last few specials (especially the last 15 seconds of Friday's ep) have me looking forward to Eleven in hopes of them going back to a more classic Who kinda feel.
I so so so so want to know what's going to happen next with the Timothy Dalton character and his, er, cohort. And how the hell they got there. I mean, Time War and all, right?
I know, right? But, they never told us how they locked off the Time War did they? That kinda always bugged me. I mean, they never actually say what happened at all with any of it.

I've been reading rumors about, umm, other characters, which I'm now really damn curious about, too.
I shouted at the screen, so I did. As I mentioned to someone else on lj just now, this was possibly bad etiquette as I was watching with others. I told RTD off quite a bit.

He is going to do his Everything-And-The-Kitchen-Sink ending and try and fit a story around it.

I will get back to you on some of these essays.