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Merry Christmas to thems as enjoy such things.

We're having a very Top Gear Christmas Eve. We vastly enjoyed the test of whatever that tiny, tiny horrible French car was. The practical test, set in Belfast. It ended excellently. (NB: James May is still Mr Pedia's woobie.)

Mr P gave me another model airplane. As soon as I finish gluing the Spitfire together (have it about 50% done), I'll be building a Zero. I'm hoping to do a P51 Mustang after that.

I also note that there is Buffy/Giles fic on the AO3 that I have never read before. I assume it's been lurking somewhere unfindable on LJ this whole time. Man, I hate LJ as a venue for fic. But! Goodies like this! New to me! But alas unfinished.
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