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Following the trends like a dutiful fandom ant.

One: Well, I've joined the masses at the AO3, aka the "archive of our own". I've only posted a few stories so far but I'll probably eventually get everything up there. It'll be nice to have a backup archive in addition to my singing and dancing one. Performance seems sludgy, particularly on story posts. Perhaps this is the Yuletide rush.

It also seems buggy. I'll be filing some reports.

Two: I note that I'm doing a rip-snorting job so far of failing to answer comments. I soldier onward posting as close to daily as I can manage.

Three: I'm having a bit of a problem with the Caspian piece in today's music field. As in, it won't come off repeat. You can listen on youtube or on Possibly the signature music of the Iceland story, if things continue on this way. Every story I write has an iTunes playlist for listening as I write, and for most of them I end up fixating on a single song that seems to represent the emotional core for me.

I love the tag somebody has given it on "the sound of falling dust". Hmm, somebody's taste overlaps with mine... I think I'm going to make a playlist called that and figure out what I'd put in it.

Four: No idea if I'm going to manage to finish this Buffy/Oz/Xander thing in time for xmas day. 5600 words, and Oz is being balky. He's demanding that he trigger all sorts of character movement and stuff, and be the reason it's a story instead of just a slice of life thing. "Story" being "a thing that can only happen once", because change is at its heart, and all that jazz. But sorry, Oz, it's about Buffy not you. Deal.
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