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Various resolutions.

Resolved: that House this season is actually quite good, even though it's stomping all over our hearts in various ways. I am finding the House-Wilson interactions satisfying. (Note that I do not ship them, but am content to enjoy the friendship. Ditto for Holmes and Watson.) Speaking of which...

Resolved: that I will be finding a metal flask and filling it with something very very strong to bring into whatever screening of the Robert Downey Jr Holmes movie I end up going to this weekend. Because I might well need it to survive.

Resolved: that I am scared to write Whofic because the canon is huge and mostly unknown to me.

Resolved: that it's time for a meme. Unpopular fannish opinions meme? Anonymous answer-any-question meme? Suggest a meme. Or leave me a prompt and maybe the unpredictably-firing neurons will do something with it.
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