Various resolutions.

Resolved: that House this season is actually quite good, even though it's stomping all over our hearts in various ways. I am finding the House-Wilson interactions satisfying. (Note that I do not ship them, but am content to enjoy the friendship. Ditto for Holmes and Watson.) Speaking of which...

Resolved: that I will be finding a metal flask and filling it with something very very strong to bring into whatever screening of the Robert Downey Jr Holmes movie I end up going to this weekend. Because I might well need it to survive.

Resolved: that I am scared to write Whofic because the canon is huge and mostly unknown to me.

Resolved: that it's time for a meme. Unpopular fannish opinions meme? Anonymous answer-any-question meme? Suggest a meme. Or leave me a prompt and maybe the unpredictably-firing neurons will do something with it.
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Oh my, I have a few. Wanky ones, even! Fortunately I'm obscure enough that nobody will notice and complain.
on whofic: official word of the TV series writers is, Doctor Who has no canon.

I have heard this said often. Mostly by a guy who got one of his stories on the BBC website about the 9th doctor, animated, but then the TV series also by the BBC had a different 9th doctor. Internal consistency even between TV series episodes is, er, never their primary concern, and between different media? Forget it.

The current generation started out as fanfic writers, mostly going to paid tie ins before TV. The tie in lines, the books and audios and comics, paid little attention to each other for ages and did their own thing, and had wildly different tones. Plus there's 45 years of it. And some of it plain doesn't exist any more, except in the memory of viewers.

Added together it's all immensely liberating, because you can just make stuff up from the skinniest of knowledge in the confidence it's what every other writer ever did, including the ones on TV.

Of course there's also the sure and certain knowledge that no matter what you do someone somewhere will be convinced you're doing it wrong, but this is the internet, that's pretty much a given.

Well... okay then! That *is* liberating to think that I'm not going to be held to "but 7 said he was 900 years old so therefore when 9 says it he's lying and the show retconned this in the following manner" ARGH! Head exploding!

Though I do have to get the names of the companions right. Wikipedia is amazing for this stuff.
I once spent time working out how to reconcile the '953' Seven quote from Time and the Rani and the '900' from Nine. I decided that the Gallifreyan year doesn't necessarily last 365 days. Seven (and indeed the Rani) would not measure their ages in (one of your) Earth years. But once Gallifrey is gone, and Nine is interacting only with humans, it makes sense that he translates the Gallifreyan figure into the Earth equivalent.

Or you can assume Nine is well over a thousand and doing that 'I'm 29 again' thing.

If you want a good reference site detailing every nook and cranny of Who's various 'canons' then I've always found this one very helpful.
sahiya and I discussed this as we were watching, and we decided that one of the other of them might have been lying. You never know. What's a hundred years when you're that old?
having watched a lot of old Doctor Who recently to get caught up to the modern series which I loved, it does have a flexible sort of consistency over the big issues but it isn't as strict as some shows that's for sure. I am looking forward to writing Doctor Who fic, I think it's a fun world to write in :)
All true. I speak as someone who's been on the periphery of Doctor Who fandom since the late eighties, when involvement in fandom meant joining a local group, or showing up at the Fitzroy Tavern. I've stood and watched. I've stepped back a little as insults/pint glasses were hurled.

But the thing is...I've never had anyone scream at me for writing Seven/Ace. Even though it happens to be one of those ships that squicks a lot of people because they've placed it firmly in the drawer labelled 'platonic'. Now this might be because I don't go waving my fic around at the main fic comms, or the Pit -- people who want to find Seven/Ace fic will probably find mine eventually -- and so I'm relatively unobtrusive. But I can honestly say I've never come in for any flak over my unusual Who preferences. (That is, beyond a mild, "Oh? You really see them like that? Wow. Err...why?" Which is fine.)

So yeah. I add my voice to those here who say, 'Don't fear the Who!canon as it doesn't really exist.'

Also bear in mind that unless you're making Saint Rose less than perfect in a story, or you're daring to pair Ten with One Who Is Not Saint Rose, you may not attract all that much attention.
You write Seven/Ace?


I never thought it strange. I thought it inevitable. And I absolutely love the fact that of all the companions, ever-ever-ever, Ace is the single one who Never Leaves. (Onna telly, anyway.)
You almost made me do a spit take on the flask resolution.... So true, and so sorrowful as well. I look forward to your review of the movie, but am much more inclined to a marathon of Jeremy Brett.
Writing Whofic without perfect knowledge of Who canon bothers me far less than writing Trek fic without perfect knowledge of Treck canon, for all the reasons people have articulated below. Feel liberated by it! Do whatever you damn well please! God knows the show's writers have.