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Dictionary fun

This morning's fun was looking up the origin of the word "talisman". The version is from the American Heritage, and is not far wrong. The Random House Webster's College Dictionary said much the same thing, though it gave slightly different definitions for the Greek, and skipped the intermediate Romance language steps. The answer I trusted came from our compact OED, which also had an interesting entry on the Greek word, telesma.

So then I said, my, the OED is a handy thing to have around. How happy I am that Mr Pedia brought one into the marriage as his dowry. I wonder if I can get access to it online for some kind of reasonable fee. I looked: 300 bucks a year to subscribe to the online service. Amazon will sell you a new copy of the compact edition for $250, so that yearly sub rate is looking like a bad deal.

All of which reminds me that it's long past time for me to resume working through Wheelock's Latin. My London trip interrupted that project, but I no longer have an excuse.
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