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Silver Remembrance of the Dalek Nemesis

sahiya and I are watching Seven and Ace right now, and I am having serious fic urges. Seven, like Two, is dangerous. All the incarnations of the Doctor are dangerous, I believe, but those two in particular strike me as likely to murder after careful thought about the matter. And then hand you a Jelly Baby and touch the end of your nose.

This is inherently interesting.
Oh, abso-blummin-lutely.

Seven sort of encapsulates the classical dilemma of whether (swapping fandoms for a moment) the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

Seven's all about the big picture. He'll commit an act of genocide in order to prevent future genocides that might be perpetrated by the Daleks. He'll sacrifice a planet full of people from a different 'reality' in order to save the reality we're in. Hey, he'll talk Ace's new boyfriend into giving his life to stop big fungus creatures spreading their destruction across the galaxy. And to get rid of the new boyfriend because he's jealous.

(Those last two examples were in the New Adventures. That series of novels comes in for a lot of flak, especially from Seven/Ace fans, because it really does put Our Heroes through the mill. But I quite like it for that reason. I've never shied away from the old angst. The only problem I have with the NA is that it subjects Seven and Ace to this painful angst-fest, and then it never really deals with the aftermath. But, you know. Boy writers and all that.)

I like playing with the 'how far will the Doctor go?' idea. It's so easy to see both sides of the argument (by which I mean, 'the many' vs. 'the few') that it's inherently interesting to me.

The thought of reading your fic about same? I cannot contain the jiggling. Seriously. It's a wonder I still have the coordination to type...