Bah humbug.

Today is a day of a crippling headache, so I'm spending what ought to be writing time on catching up on you all. There might be commentage from me, be warned. Or there might not. I have some holiday Lush bath bombs, and am pondering the de-headaching properties of a long hot bath with a nice paperback book.

Also, the cats have decided that 5am is a nice time to be fed. They know how to enforce it, too. The dogs, at least, have the decency to prefer to sleep in.
Not that I wish you to ignore us all but I recommend using the Lush bath bombs and the book. Better headache cure than a computer any day.

And yes. Cats. Put a stop to it or they'll be getting you up progressively earlier and you'll be feeding them at 3am.
I have no idea how to put a stop to my evil, evil Kitten of Doom. If we ignore her, or put her outside, she merely shows up in the bedroom later with something live and wriggling in her mouth. This morning she came in through the garage, opened the supposedly one-way cat flap into the kitchen, and carried it all the way through the house to us. Here. This is what happens when you don't feed me, monkey. I am forced to feed myself.