My model airplane is mostly painted.

Today I read, in fandom wank, the epic tale of Victoria Bitter and the very very strange places that very very sick people can go using fandom as their vehicle. Wow, epic weird. This person has recently been writing Harry Potter fic using an assumed persona with a claimed background that, honestly, people, fails every single plausibility test I can imagine. Why was anyone taken in? I boggle.

Oh, the humanity. The ever-amusing humanity.

Oh, fandom, how I'm not really sure I missed you the last few weeks. Except then I read some Top Gear fic and remembered that fandom is fun.

ObFicWittering: Considering delaying long, plotty fic that is making me read about metallurgy so I can instead finish the frothy conclusion to "Liegeman". Which requires little research.
I understood what you meant :) I too wasted tons of time reading all the comments and piecing together the strange, strange story. Wow wow wow, there's some crazy out there. I mean, I think of myself as neurotic in various ways, but I lead a boring life with friends and family and pets and don't have breakdowns while talking made-up languages and channeling the spirits of random movie actors. O.O I can only dream of being that crazy! Er. Not.