Hiatus over.

Okay, I'm back! What's up? I gots two stories in progress that I probably will refuse to talk about because I don't want to jinx 'em. I'm thinking Christmas-ish to finish one. Maybe. Sorta. If it goes well.
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Giles-nog, huh? One of the two stories is xmas-themed. I will attempt to finish it. *gazes at it nervously*
I hope new fic is flailish, in the small way. Meh. Writing is so painful for me this last month. Brain no workie.
*ahem* This is why many people put up "Going on hiatus!" notes. So their friends don't start to think they're dead in a ditch somewhere. *ahem*
We do! Ask him if he got the photo we took of it earlier. My tree liked wearing it better than Caz did. (Or rather, the tree had no opinion, whereas Caz's opinion was that we were assholes for inflicting it on him.)