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Why do these stories always go plotty, with elaborate settings and magic systems and historical doodahs and original characters and plot arcs and all that? WHY?

And why can I not write anything at all? I just want to sleep for a million years. Open files list:

"Liegeman", penultimate chapter.
Untitled short Seven/Ace-ish thing on metagames.
Iceland, aka Seven Nights in the Northern Lights.
Giles mpreg (very rough outline).
GBX Big Sky cabin post-Chosen apocalyptics.
Giles/Ethan/Buffy in Hell.
Giles/Xander and a barrow wight.
Helios Hyperion.
A file of abandoned kink meme responses.

Progress: NIL.

Addendum: If you haven't watched James May's Toy Stories at all yet, you should probably check out the most recent one, which is all about slot car racing. (Which the Brits apparently give the name of their most popular brand, Scalextric.) He and an entire neighborhood recreate a classic and long-closed racing circuit... literally. Along the entire course. I've enjoyed the entire series so far, but this one was especially good.
Tags: fandom:top gear, fic wittering

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