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I have no icon of Five, thanks to bad planning.

The other day sahiya was over and we had a media binge. I showed her two classic Treks that every Trek fan must see ("Amok Time" and "Mirror Mirror"). Then we dug in and watched one of the good Fifth Doctor serials, "Mawdryn Undead". We both agreed that we like Five just fine, and Tegan is also enjoyable, and Turlough was over-acting but also acceptably cute and red-headed. Well, I'm not sure sahiya would agree with that last bit, but that's my take on him.

What's your favorite Fifth Doctor serial?
Planet of Fire. I love it to pieces. Probably because we get Ainley in a suit - and it was very much "desperate" Master time.

Oh - and Peter Davison's forearms? Very nice indeed. lol
Damn, someone beat me. I think Enlightenment is probably my favourite as well. Either that or Kinda: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

(and I love Turlough's over-acting, and the fact that he clearly, clearly isn't 16)
I don't think I've ever watched any of the Five serials, but now you have me thinking...What are your favorites from past Doctors? Netflix has a few on demand ones and I always think about watching some, but I never know which to choose. Are there any classics I shouldn't miss?
One: I don't know!
Two: "Tomb of the Cybermen" or the partially-reconstructed "The Invasion".
Three: Would welcome suggestions here, as I haven't seen much of Three.
Four: "City of Death". Romana, Paris, and Douglas Adams scriptwriting. Yum!
Five: See this discussion. I thought "Mawdryn Undead" was a good one.
Six: Is there any such thing?
Seven: "The Curse of Fenric" by a mile.
Awesome! Thank you! I'll look to see if I can find those. I knew you'd be a good person to ask. :)
What's your favorite Fifth Doctor serial?

The last one.

Okay, that's a bit facetious. But only a bit.

I grew up with Four. I didn't adapt well to the beige chap. Hey, I was ten. And loyal. 1981 saw my first separation from the show that had informed by childhood. I didn't really find it again with any kind of passion until Ace came along in 1987.

So there's that. And there's the way, since that kneejerk childhood reaction, that I've come to realise that Davison only ever plays the same character, never mind the series. All Creatures, Peculiar Practice, whatever. All the same. Even my beloved Mrs Bradley Mysteries, in which he plays a nineteen-twenties policeman who, in the last ep of the series, turns out to be a cultist serial murderer. I mean, seriously. The bloke can take on a role which is two-characters-in-one, and still only play one character. Quite impressive, in a Kills the Drama Stone Dead kind of way.

Getting back to Five.

I said the last serial is my fave. Actually I think that Androzani is a pretty good adventure. Writing terms, Five got some good stuff throughout his tenure. Way better than Six got, which is a shame because Colin was probably the most accomplished actor to take on the role since Troughton. Sometimes I wonder how wildly good Who might have been during Six's era if his writing had been as good as the Fifth Doctor got.

On the whole, I rewatch a Five only under protest. He just Doesn't Interest Me that much. See, I have this thing. I'm open to diversity in the various incarnations of my hero. I like the diversity. I like that the same character can have such different personalities. But there's one thing I need. As in, NEED.

I need to believe that the Doctor is an alien being.

Davison was the only actor to date who fails to tick that box for me. Which is why, in my personal and subjective top ten of Doctor Whos, Five consistently comes last.

I have strong Doctor Who opinions. You asked. I answered. At length.

Soz about that...
You never forget your first Doctor, and you never forgive the rat bastard who replaced him.

This is one reason why I've always been mistrustful of my urge to loathe Ten like burning. Though recent specials have made me feel more justified in said hatred. Eccleston!Doctor was my first Doctor, you see. I've been able to enjoy all of the previous Doctors at least a little bit (though I have especial love for Seven and Two), but Ten, Ten I never warmed to. I thought his dynamic with Rose, in particular, was ucky, even though I loved Rose with Nine.

Hey! I love the strong opinions and the discussion and all that! I love talking to people who are informed and passionate and articulate about it.

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No one was more excited about the return of 'Doctor Who' back in 2005 than me. I wasn't overly convinced Eccleston could pull it off, but he surprised me. I'd had him down as one of those actors who's fine in a specific kind of role, but who falls down when they step outside that comfort zone. I was wrong. (A bit. I mean, the debacle that was the new production of 'The School of Night' demonstrated pretty clearly that Eccleston doesn't have the chops for the meatiest of roles, but hey -- you pretty much need to be Richard McCabe in order to pull off a convincing Marlowe. But I'm off on a tangent now, aren't I?)

I enjoyed Nine. I thought that the whole PTSD!Doc was an interesting idea. In that regard, the Nine-Rose dynamic worked well. For me, I could have done with just a little bit more clarity with regard to the co-dependence issue. Just to make it clear that, as much as Rose's companionship was healing the Doctor after a spectacular bit of trauma, the connection also had a darker emotional side.

I was pleased by the casting of Tennant when it happened. I'd seen him in lots of stuff and always been impressed. He's a fine actor with impressive range; unusual for someone as stupidly good-looking as him. He was brilliant in the remade 'Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)' for instance.

So I've been dismayed, since he stepped into the TARDIS. An actor capable of nuance and contradiction and all the good stuff that makes characters believable and interesting...and his Doctor turns out to be flatter than a cardboard cut-out. One-note. One yampy, uninteresting note. I mean, go ahead and make the Doctor occasionally hyper. That's fine. But please, balance it out with some other stuff. (And don't, in the name of all that's good and true, have a sodding Time Lord use the expression 'Timey Wimey'. Because...no.)

The Ten-Rose thing was so 'ucky', as you accurately point out, that it saw me stop watching the show. The smugness just left me nauseous, like those video games that prompt motion-sickness. Where Nine/Rose had good reason for what was effectively an unhealthily co-dependent relationship, Ten/Rose were just All About Each Other, lalalalala, to the exclusion of anyone else. Speaking as a member of the Rest of the World, I didn't see what was so great (or OMG SO ROMANTIC) about this. (It also took the core values I associated with 'Doctor Who' and stomped all over them. But that's a whole 'nother rant.)

There was another aspect that had started to bother me by that first Ten season. Telling us constantly (not of course showing, because that would have been harder) that Rose was The Ultimate Companion, the best of the best, the (I'm quoting a very icky interview with Tennant now) "love of the Doctor's life" does something very specific.

It relegates every other era/incarnation/partnership in the show's history.

Yes, I have an attachment to other eras. I don't like being told that the other partnerships I like aren't as important as the TenRose. I took that personally. But I think that it's a valid complaint, even though I concede that I'm not the most unbiased of observers. Because it seems to me to say a lot more about what RTD wants as his personal legacy than it does about how deeply RTD understands and cares for the series 'Doctor Who'. A series which is, by its very nature, dynamic and constantly evolving.

So yeah. Big ramblings there. Summary -- I admire Tennant in everything I've ever seen him do apart from Who. Ten and Rose were shudder-inducing. And what the show did in the aftermath of Rose's departure, to a character that had the great potential that Martha had, left me so disgusted that I stopped watching.

One last ramble. When I examine new!Who closely I see a terrifying amount of misogyny. Given the current "flavours of the month" for teenagers (I'm thinking particularly of this new vampire stuff) it seems to be in good company, but the whole concept disturbs me. Because really. When did we stop trying to teach young women that it is Not Good to define yourself by an attachment to a man?
I agree, those TOS star trek episodes were good. I also really like City on the Edge of Forever, Shore Leave, Trouble with Tribbles, Balance of Terror and The Corbormite Manuever. That was my first fandom and I still cherish it. Have been rewatching season 2 of Buffy and am enjoying it once again.