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REC: Protect and Survive (Seven, Ace, gen)

Protect and Survive, by JJPOR. gen, FRT

The Seventh Doctor, Ace, Curtis LeMay, and an oddly familiar giggling man in a wheelchair. Nuclear war, messed up timelines, megadeath, and a Doctor with the cold-blooded side showing. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, paradox, history, real stakes, twists, and the bodycount the Doctor always leaves behind himself. Seven can be dark, and he is here, and the shadows of his other selves are with him.

This is what I want from Who fanfic. This. Thanks very much for the rec, clocketpatch. I'm very glad to have read it.
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You're very welcome. I hope your rec brings in more readers because that be jaw-droppingly good fic. In fact, over the past few years I've discovered that it is actually impossible for JJPOR to write bad fic. He even took the crazy cake prompt and ran with it... O.o

If you want other good Who stuff, may I recomend: http://community.livejournal.com/calufrax/ the reccing site. While there is still the occasionally requisite Rose/Handy Baby!fic to wade through, it's mostly high quality stuff, and from all eras.

Finally, I really need to expand my ficcy horizons and start reading your Buffy stuff again. Blah, school, WHY WILL YOU NOT GIVE ME TIME FOR LIFE?!?!?