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I demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.

Why can't this story already be written so I can read it? Bleat! I have a sort of cunning plan I'm trying to pull off, but it's not gonna get pulled if this stuff continues to be all balky at me. It also keeps wriggling off into new directions.

Oh well. Let the subconscious have its way.

Random: I love today's XKCD so much. That chart for Primer is so true. Primer, the movie I watched three times in a row, just so I could figure out the puzzle of what happened.
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There needs to be an app where you just enter a set of criterion, and it magically produces the story for you, so you can read it.

I'll even welcome the early version, for when you get sick of writing, and you can just feed in your mostly-written draft and hit 'add Xander personality'.

I have four pages of assporn, and you'd be reading it by now, if only Xander had a personality.


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I know I owe you beta reading. I should have finished it yesterday, but I got distracted by my pile of pages of dinner conversation plus kink. GAH. Okay. I have a goal in life for today.
It's all good. Dinner conversation plus kink is important. And I've had assporn.

And since my most recent GT draft is locked on a computer that's forgotten who I am, and for that matter who it is, I can't do anything until Wednesday, at least. Assuming I get it back on Wednesday.


I've finally given up on a large chunk (and several smaller ones) of the story I've been working on. It just doesn't fit with where things have wound up. And now where things have wound up...weird. Like I have a bunch of really little ideas with nothing to string them together, even though they obviously belong together.

Oh, where is my string!