I was thinking we might scrap our February Disney plans and spend our time in London as well. The kids have been asking to go there for years. It'd be a shame to put it off any longer.
I just did all the new passport photo and mail off the paperwork stuff this afternoon, so things are in motion. Lemme know when you're going to be there. I can take you to the underground bar on the Embankment where all the Watchers drink, and we can drink port and eavesdrop on our neighbors' conversations.
That sounds like a ply list I could absolutely hang with. One of my favorite computer games (not to play, but for the guys to play) is Fallout 3...especially since Hubby found an expanded 3 hour playlist for it.

There's a *lot* of Bing and Cole on that playlist that Hubby downloaded. Plus, Danny Kaye doing "Minnie the Moocher." Great stuff!
And this plan would have absolutely nothing to do with a certain person being in a certain theatre production in London at that time, would it? ;)
Oh, you should! I went one year in the first week of March and all the flowers were in full bloom. It was marvelous.

I highly approve of the High Society soundtrack too.
March might also be cool. Hm. I like going during tourist-light months. January was awesome, for instance.