Meh. I'm behind on everything.

Mr Pedia's off at the World Fantasy convention this weekend, which is happening in our back yard. He brought home the goody bag last night, and wow, lots of stuff to read. Which I won't read, because I don't read when writing. No clue why not. Speaking of not reading...

It's classic recs weekend at buffyversetop5, so it's time to make your 5-item lists of favorite stuff created before 2009 and post 'em! I'm a bit recced out these days, though I have a little list of things to post when their 2009 reccing period opens at the end of the year. You should definitely post yours, though.

Though I will say, some of the recs posted so far remind me quite painfully of why I hate portmanteau pairing names. They also make it clear what a tiny corner of the BtVS fandom it is that I'm involved in. Sigh. Sometimes I lose heart.

Dug into the folder full of fic in progress and dug out an old favorite that I keep meaning to finish. Oh dear, exposition city! Well, perhaps it can be salvaged. Do I need a Nanowrimo project?
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Wait, didn't you meet at one of those? How come you're not going?

And I hearby challenge you to a Nanowrimo of original fiction! I don't think I've ever read anything of yours that hasn't been fan fiction.
Met up with Mr Pedia and asked after your absence. Have just brought home my goody bag tonight, to the combined astonishment of the hubby and the sis-in-law, who is visiting. I had to leave it hidden under a table for the day, since there was no way I was carrying that around a con!