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Working Title Productions presents... Wittering!

Today's progress report: 2000 of the right words for "Northern Lights (working title)". A bunch of writing in... something else... as well.

I need an icon of Buffy with a sword. Giles with a sword icons bonus. My little stash of icons saved from various sources didn't have anything. Did she ever hold a sword in canon? Of course she did, right? In S5 at the very least, when those knights of the idiot brigade were in town to provide plot complications.

Have been completely distracted and absent-minded for days and days now. Normally this is okay; I wander into my workplace and become distracted by the things they pay me to do, which is convenient all around. Now I get distracted without external structure and vanish for hours into projects. Is there such a thing as attention surfeit disorder?

Life: Was feeling good about my three-minute 12kg kettlebell snatch test until I watched youtube videos of women doing five-minute tests with 16kg bells. I know that I can snatch a 16kg kettlebell ten times just fine; wonder how dead I'd be after snatching it for five minutes non-stop. Probably "very dead". Well, it's good to have goals.

Birthday! Happy belated birthday to spikendru! I was so happy to meet you at Writercon. I want you to know that the bracelet you gave me is at this moment held by my action figures of Giles and Xander. Xander is attempting to show Giles how to do hula hoop. Giles is doubtful.
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