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Eoin Colfer's And Another Thing, aka the Douglas Adams H2G2 sequel: what are the early reports? Good, bad, okay, a crime against the memory of DNA? Worth the flutter on a hardcover edition?

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with sahiya and twitchylizard at a cider pub in Sebastopol. Sitting in the warm sunshine, drinking local brew, people-watching for interesting hair and interesting tattoos: we were in Northern California all right. Also, Twitchy and Mr Pedia got along far too well for my peace of mind. They were a public menace with the giggling. Fear them! Especially when they're drunk.

I drove sahiya's automatic transmission vehicle home from Sebastopol, since I didn't feel like drinking and was therefore the only one without alcoholic bubbles floating around my head. I stuck my left foot onto the brace plate and said to it, "Left foot, you have nothing to do on this drive. Just chill out there." This strategy worked, since I only put my foot down onto the non-existent clutch once, at the very end of the drive.

I effing hate automatic transmissions. Manual everything! The machines haven't taken over yet! Mmmmmmmmm, glad to be of service.
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