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I should take up a martial art. Would be fun.

Today was boxing day at the gym, which always makes me smile because I have my own personal Giles telling me what to do with my shoulders as I attempt to punch his lights out. Except my own personal Giles is much younger than I am, and American, and not given to cross-referencing for relaxation. This is boxing for fitness not boxing for real, mind you, but I'm still beginning to have some power in my punches. Which is cool. Strength training for women == literal empowerment. Highly recommended for all.

Am attempting to work on plot today. Or sort of the expression through action of internal issues vis a vis new Watcher/Slayer dynamics on an emerging Hellmouth. Except that I also want major major sensawunda reaction to this stuff, so some of the plotty stuff needs to be foregrounded. Good practice, I call it, for the origfic. But it's work. Major sweat goes into these throwaway entertainments for you guys, you know that? I do it 'cuz I love you.

Well, actually, I do it because I want that experience for myself. Sharing it with you is just a bonus.

Huh, that wikipedia article on the sense of wonder is pretty good, if tres Clutian. I note a gap in my SF background, as I have read the mega-famous "The Weapon Shops of Isher", but not the followup novel referenced. Van Vogt is sorta, hmm, pulpy for my tastes. But I bet it's on the shelves in Mr P's office.
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