Buffy blindfolded

I should take up a martial art. Would be fun.

Today was boxing day at the gym, which always makes me smile because I have my own personal Giles telling me what to do with my shoulders as I attempt to punch his lights out. Except my own personal Giles is much younger than I am, and American, and not given to cross-referencing for relaxation. This is boxing for fitness not boxing for real, mind you, but I'm still beginning to have some power in my punches. Which is cool. Strength training for women == literal empowerment. Highly recommended for all.

Am attempting to work on plot today. Or sort of the expression through action of internal issues vis a vis new Watcher/Slayer dynamics on an emerging Hellmouth. Except that I also want major major sensawunda reaction to this stuff, so some of the plotty stuff needs to be foregrounded. Good practice, I call it, for the origfic. But it's work. Major sweat goes into these throwaway entertainments for you guys, you know that? I do it 'cuz I love you.

Well, actually, I do it because I want that experience for myself. Sharing it with you is just a bonus.

Huh, that wikipedia article on the sense of wonder is pretty good, if tres Clutian. I note a gap in my SF background, as I have read the mega-famous "The Weapon Shops of Isher", but not the followup novel referenced. Van Vogt is sorta, hmm, pulpy for my tastes. But I bet it's on the shelves in Mr P's office.
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I'd hardly consider it throwaway entertainment. FF is no less valid than any other art form, despite the lack of respect it receives. So there. :P
Complete agreement here. There are things about fanfic that are more challenging than original fic, and vice versa. There is just as much blood, sweat and tears that go into a good fanfic as there are into a great novel. (with teh possible exception of the physical page count).

Hubby is inclined toward finding a place where we could take some judo when finances are clear for it -- he thinks I'd do well with bonk-sticks. :)
Judo sounds like fun! Also practical self-defense. Lots of grappling. Boxing is entirely impractical, because you can't actually punch somebody that way without gloves. Well, not if you like your fingers.
teehee. my old violin teacher would have a fit! she was the type who would call you at 5AM to make sure you were up and practicing, too.
Good practice, I call it, for the origfic. But it's work. Major sweat goes into these throwaway entertainments for you guys, you know that?

Don't look now, but I think I just heard Mr. Pedia talking through you. Our culture has made us believe it's throwaway entertainment because it doesn't make money. A lot of things don't make money. That doesn't make them valueless (or devoid of artistic merit, as the case may be). I'm slightly offended, I have to say.

Do I need to come down there and un-brainwash you?

Edited because I think I was overly harsh here. But it upsets me to see you dismissing fanfic like this, not only because it's something I enjoy and value, but because I know it's something you enjoy and value as well. I understand viewing it as a "practice for origfic," since that's something you want to do, but it's really okay to enjoy it for its own sake. So, I'm sorry if I came across a bit strong here, but I hope you see where I'm coming from.

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Interesting, because I wasn't thinking specifically of fanfiction. I'd class most published fiction as "throwaway entertainment" as well. Easily consumed, easily moved along from, and yet every one took a lot of hard work and craftsmanship to produce. Only a few stick around...

Well, unless we're talking about Lionel Fanthorpe.
Huh. I think it must have been the "practice for origfic" remark that led me to believe you were speaking specifically of fanfiction.
Mr P has this to contribute: he's heard many an author wail that readers sometimes *boast* of being able to dispose of their year of hard labor in a single evening of reading, sometimes in as little as two hours. Chomp chomp, hand me another potato chip!
That's ridiculous. That's just how reading/writing works, and the point is not how long it takes someone to read your stuff, the point is, do they remember it six months/ten years later? Readability certainly has nothing to do with how long it took the writer to write it - though perhaps, come to think of it, there is a certain inverse proportionality. The longer I tinker with something, the more readable it tends to become.
Ridiculous that authors wail? They can both be aware of the realities and wail about them. I don't find that ridiculous in the least.
I do. But I guess it has just never for one second occurred to me to wail about this - but I also know that I read my favorite books (and fics) over and over again, and the enjoyment continues well past the first time. I do not see the problem (or the point of wailing about it).
Thank you so much! can't tell you how often i've had people turn their noses up when i mention i write fanfic for exactly that reason: you don't make money at it.

what a bunch of crap.

gonna quit commenting before the swear filters really drop. adn before my fingers work less well than they are now (what with the no caps and misspellings and the like).
New word! Excellent. I hadn't heard that reference before. Thanks for the link.

I have not read Weapon Shops of Isher. The gaps in my reading are so vast that I am often ashamed of my lack of knowledge. Everything is on my 'to read' list. Everything. *hangs head*
I love reading classic SF, especially short stories, so I'm ahead on that stuff. I'm woefully out of touch with recent SF, though.