I'm in a bad mood because work fu has been mangling my slacking fu and screwing up all my plans for fun, relaxation, friends, and a real life. Time for fanfiction. Escapism needed. I'm gonna go live in a world that exists only in my head for a while, and emerge eventually with a story in hand that lets you go there too. Or somewhere sort of like where I go in my head.

Look at this place, man. Look at it.
Icelandic has a very 'soft' accent, almost 'pacific north west' . Several extra 'th' sounds, it has the longdrawnoutwords like German, but not the 'clunky' sound. The word for goodbye is bless, Buffy doesn't believe demons would live amongst such devout people until Giles translates.
Iceland is a place I would love to go to more than anywhere in the world. It's such a gorgeous, fantastical place :)
*pet* *pet*

My parents and sisters have been to Iceland several times. They say it's lovely, but smells like sulfur everywhere. The water you bathe in smells like rotten eggs and so does the air. Buffy's probably not going to be a big fan of that.

They do make excellent sweaters in Iceland. Beautiful, but itchy as hell. Every time anyone went, they'd bring home whole suitcases full, and I always ended up giving mine away. It scratched straight through any turtleneck or other shirt I'd try to wear underneath - a sensory-integration sufferer's nightmare. As you know, I am a delicate flower. :)

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As an amateur geology nerd, love the Iceland pics. It's an amazing chunk of land. :)
Look at it!
I appreiate your interest in my photo of the ice blue captain.

The lake were I found him. Jökulsarlon, is one of the most photographed places in Iceland, But the day I visited it was exceptional.


The photos herefrom occupy the first, fifth, thirteenth, fourteenth, seventeenth and twentieth place on the list of my most viewed photos. So sad I did not have my present camera then.

Yours Martin