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Sunday thoughts to follow up the Saturday poll.

I find the poll responses telling. Nobody wants me to skimp on the plot to write the smut in Blackmail; most people respond more strongly to the phone conversation (which is all about emotional intimacy) than to specific acts earlier in the story; most people agree it's about the emotions. We're all in it for the characters.

This is why RPF so often leaves me unmoved: don't care about the bodies, just care about the characters, and those characters are unknowable. Or banal the way ordinary people are. The exception is for things that look like RPF on the surface but are really about the personas presented, which are characters who happen to share the names of their actors. E.g., Colbert or the Top Gear presenters. Or the Beatles personas in A Hard Day's Night. SPN J2 and LoTRiPS creep me out, but the idea of Buffy meeting the Stig and finding out he's a demon doesn't bug me in the slightest.

Back on the topic of Blackmail, it is in motion again along with two other stories. Probably I'll finish a chapter of it next, just to get something posted and keep the writing brain in smooth, well-oiled motion. Or as close to well-oiled as this hinky brain ever gets...

For my money, it's not the phone conversation that sticks in my mind, though I do love that bit. Instead the last section of "Polestar" is the one with all the scorch. And that has no kink at all in it, unless you think of hypnosis as kinky. It's also got Giles in charge. Complicated. Those characters are complicated. Or so I hope.

I am behind on Merlin and Dollhouse. I can't say I'm really burning to watch either of them, not the way I was burning to watch new House. You know what I should catch up on, though? Eureka. Or I could just try to put a dent in my stack of unread books.

And in conclusion, a most emphatically happy birthday to kivrin!
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Instead the last section of "Polestar" is the one with all the scorch.

Yes yes yes! That part is it for me, too. I love talky sex and I think that's one of the main reasons it's my fave. Giles in charge is very also sexy, especially because Buffy does usually ride him like a train, or however you so aptly put it. I like that she allows herself to be vulnerable and admit that she's not that experienced, and his response is just wowsa. Yay Ally!

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I am planning to return to that mix of eagerness and inexperience in her. Giles was born to teach her, after all.
Oh, and Merlin is not great tv, but what keeps me coming back is that there really isn't too much on that's better. House, yeah, but I lost interest in Eureka fairly quickly. Merlin's a little too dopey and the characters have very little depth, and the stories are pretty much the same over and over, but period costumes kinda make me swoon. Plus, Head's wicked yummy in it. Gloves, cape, leather...Good God, I'm only human.
ASH is stunning in Merlin, yes, and all the main actors are ridiculously good-looking. I don't mind the high school AU remix of the myth, and I don't mind the Generic Fantasy Setting with anachronisms. I mind the stupid plots. I'll watch it just to see Uther smoldering at Morgana a lot.
(sigh) what a hell of a way to spend a Sunday. I'm just gonna have to re-read those stories now. :) To be fair, I have enjoyed all of Blackmail thoroughly. I enjoy different things about different kink scenes -- IMO, each type of kink or scene displays a different side of the character, develops the persona and the plot differently.

Then again, maybe I read too much into things. But I liked the initial chapters with Ethan and Jenny -- sort of setting everything up. Why does Rupert find himself drawn to that sort of intimacy? And just exactly where does complete denial of that get him? I liked how each of the earlier forays into kink show a different level of maturity and expectation.

I also liked Buffy's unsure approach to the whole thing, as well -- discovering that *maybe* she's not weird after all, doing her research, then applying the research. The whole time, she's in between rush and wondering if she's doing it right, which keeps the D/s thing genuine (again, I think so). It displays that there is a certain amount of power in being the sub, as well.
This weeks' Merlin had a tiny snippet of Uther lifting Morgana off a horse then hugging her & whispering his worry. Forget the rest of the show, those two are worth watching! Shallow, I know, but that's me. Maybe I should re-read Polestar, I like complicated.
Maybe it was just because we were watching them with company (Glo and elayna) but the first couple of eps of Merlin made us giggle like mad things.

And what nutterbudgie said about ep 3. Uther is exceptionally needy and hot, and the Uther/Morgana is dripping off the screen.

I'm taking steps to watch it. I just like that show. It's not omg!drama or giant-important-oh-noes. It's just a quiet little ensemble show with a very funny main character and a lot of eccentric people around him.
Thank you! I had a very nice day. There were tea sandwiches. :)

I would like to see the second season of Merlin. A friend sent me the first season on DVD. Don't get BBC america where I am so have to rely on others. She also sent me Torchwood. That was a good show, harsh, but really good. I always have books to read. Can't pass up bookstores.
The first three episodes have just been aired in the UK, and the first season was on NBC of all things in the US. So you'll want to watch out for it showing on a major network, not BBC America!
The parts I keep re-reading are the hypnosis part, which you pointed out, and the part with Xander and Giles playing pool. I skim the part with Riley (I read it all the way through the first time) for the plot points, because 1 Buffy is not completely comfortable with what Riley asks her to do, and 2 I am not completely comfortable with what Riley asks her to do.
The author was not comfortable with what Riley asked her to do, either. I wanted that chapter to be more than a little creepy.