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I've just had an evil idea. Imagine me rubbing my hands together and chortling, as per above, with final H optional. Well, strictly speaking I had it in the shower at the gym, where chortling aloud would have made people stare at me funny, but I'm chortling now. Thank you, Rev Dodgson, for that verb.

This is the sort of idea that requires silence from me in re: evil plans from here out, but silence is difficult for me. Argh!

Cups of coffee so far today: 1.

Fandom itself: Did anybody else enjoy fandomsecrets's 1000th post yesterday? It was cheering to see all those happy secrets. There was a lovely Uther/Morgana secret, though no Giles squee. I fell down on that one; shoulda done one.
Tags: fandom, self-mockery

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