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Spot the Eeyore moment.

Today's distraction: Google Wave and pondering how LJ might integrate with it. Yesterday's distraction: District 9 with the_emu and gloriana. What an excellent film-- best movie I've seen this year. Highly recommended. If you're squeamish, you can cover your eyes at the gross bits the way I did.

It turned cool practically overnight here in the San Francisco Bay Area, where "cool" is something you midwesterners would cheerfully mock. But I have turned to my clothes closet and begun to contemplate exchanging the shorts for the long-sleeved shirts.

Two weeks of upper-body focus at the gym has had its effect already. I feel like I've leveled up in upper body strength. Hulk smash! Or as Mr Pedia just put it, "I married a linebacker." Yesterday's workout was brutal: 100 reps of everything I did. What feels easy at #20 is agony at #90, let me tell you. Yesterday also included all the leg stuff I can do without using my toes, and oh boy I feel it today when walking.

Writing report: I've been looking at people's Icelandic flickr streams. That'll tell you what I'm working on. I've also picked up the morally reprehensible kinky GX as a fidget story. Why does this stuff always turn into season rewrites? Who wants giant kinky stories with plot? The LJ house style is for the 1000-word-tops one-shot. But I guess my brain needs the 180-degree tonal shift from slow-moving angsty Giles and Buffy healing in Iceland. ETA for both stories several years from now, as my current writing pace is glacial.

Ha, ha, see what I did there? Right. I'll shut up again now.

Random: I'm experiencing font lust.
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