Spot the Eeyore moment.

Today's distraction: Google Wave and pondering how LJ might integrate with it. Yesterday's distraction: District 9 with the_emu and gloriana. What an excellent film-- best movie I've seen this year. Highly recommended. If you're squeamish, you can cover your eyes at the gross bits the way I did.

It turned cool practically overnight here in the San Francisco Bay Area, where "cool" is something you midwesterners would cheerfully mock. But I have turned to my clothes closet and begun to contemplate exchanging the shorts for the long-sleeved shirts.

Two weeks of upper-body focus at the gym has had its effect already. I feel like I've leveled up in upper body strength. Hulk smash! Or as Mr Pedia just put it, "I married a linebacker." Yesterday's workout was brutal: 100 reps of everything I did. What feels easy at #20 is agony at #90, let me tell you. Yesterday also included all the leg stuff I can do without using my toes, and oh boy I feel it today when walking.

Writing report: I've been looking at people's Icelandic flickr streams. That'll tell you what I'm working on. I've also picked up the morally reprehensible kinky GX as a fidget story. Why does this stuff always turn into season rewrites? Who wants giant kinky stories with plot? The LJ house style is for the 1000-word-tops one-shot. But I guess my brain needs the 180-degree tonal shift from slow-moving angsty Giles and Buffy healing in Iceland. ETA for both stories several years from now, as my current writing pace is glacial.

Ha, ha, see what I did there? Right. I'll shut up again now.

Random: I'm experiencing font lust.
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"Who wants giant kinky stories with plot?"

ME! And my guess is, most of your readers. :)

:D You make me happy, and also you make me feel as if I haven't wasted the last two days' writing. Giant kinky plotty stories, here we come!
Ooooh! We've been wanting to see "District 9!" It's so good to hear from someone I (kinda) know who's actually seen it now, instead of just reading reviews by people who get paid to write them!

Now! To save our pennies for admission. (The amount of change I can pull out of the carpet when I vacuum, this is more possible than you might thing. Shag carpet is the devil.)
Definitely scrape up the change to see this one in the theater if you can. It is very disturbing and intense, and features an amazing performance by its lead actor. It's upsetting in a good way, if you take my point, the way great film can upset us. I need to see it again, because I am still thinking about it.
The thing that grabbed me when I read about it was actually the "disturb" factor -- like sci fi in the grand tradition of the genre. It made you think about life and power structures and everything else, and the thoughts were as disturbing as the visuals. In fact, if done well, the visuals serve to underline the thoughts....