If the first two episodes were like good fanfic, this one was all out bad!fic, complete with grammar errors, bad spelling, annoying scene change punctuation and jarring author's notes inserted haphazardly throughout.

There's always next week. Maybe they'll give us run of the mill, not bad, not great stuff.
Obviously next week he returns and... some of the Foreman mess gets resolved. Taub un-quits? Thirteen is un-fired? Foreman is spanked for idiocy? I dunno.
Did you see the preview? I don't want to say anything if you want to be unspoiled for it.

I'm desperately hoping to see the last of 13 for awhile. I like Taub, though. Will be sad if he's gone for good.
I did not see the preview. I get my House legitimately, by way of an iTunes season pass, and that doesn't include previews.
Ah, yeah, that's one of the reasons I disliked watching Stargate Atlantis through iTunes. It always meant I had to go looking for the preview if I wanted to see it.

Doesn't look like 13 and Taub will be around next week. Instead, they will be replaced by this vaguely familiar blond, married couple.
Quite so.

I enjoyed the changing House Wilson relationship, and I'm intrigued by where House is going, and if they stick with the changes.
House/Wilson keeps me watching, even though it's a friend-ship for me not a romantic ship. It's the same deal with Holmes and Watson for me, at heart. Yes, I absolutely see the subtext, but the stories in my head are all about the friendship for some reason.
I still love Taub. I'd even sit through this one again for the Taub moments. "Really, I'm not laughing because of the obvious tension between you two." "I'm short, he's black, you're gay. Ish."

Also, the reference to getting poor reviews for 'Speed the Plow' on Broadway was titter-worthy. Mainly because I felt very proud of myself for getting it.

Foreman = wanker.
I love Taub. I love all four of the new ducklings, to be honest, and I miss CTB and Kutner greatly. I'm looking forward to Taub un-quitting in the next episode, which is what I (perhaps foolishly) presume is happening. My non-fannish House-fan friend spoiled me for some casting stuff upcoming, but it wasn't Taub-related, so I have no clue.

Foreman, man, I want him hit over the head metaphorically for this screwup.
Last season I thought I hated Thirteen. Then there were some episodes where she was with other characters than Foreman, and I realised I liked her then. For instance: the episode "Joy" where the PotW is sleep-drug-scoring? And she and Taub go to score cocaine off the dealer PotW has been using? Brilliant scene. And I was surprised I really liked Thirteen in it.

This last episode has confirmed this to me; it isn't Thirteen I hate, it's the Thirteen/Foreman show. (And perhaps a little bit of the 'let's give the least-gifted actor in our new lot the meatiest plotlines and screentime'. 'Cause that seems kind of an imbalance, prompted only by Olivia Wilde's improbable good-looks.)

That scene where Thirteen and Taub are playing the game? I really enjoyed that. And the Thirteen-visits-House scene was good too.

The scenes where Foreman and Thirteen were looking implausibly perfect half-naked and Talking About Their Relationship? Good grief, that was yawn-worthy.

So I'm thinking at the moment that the best thing for all concerned is for the show to drop Omar Epps like he's radioactive. Yes, extremely beautiful and radioactive, but my god, how many more times do we have to watch the 'Foreman tries to be House and doesn't quite pull it off' hour? I really am so incredibly, unutterably, spectactuarly BORED with him.

And another thing. It's annoyed me, these last few years, that Morrison and Spencer are still given title-sequence placings, but the next gen ducklings only get 'guest star' status. That seems just wrong, to me. As wrong as 'Chase is suddenly the only surgeon ever called in for Whatever Specialist Procedure is required'. I mean, by all means have the characters return for a few eps each season, as the plots suggest. But STOP SHOEHORNING THEM INTO THE ACTION when they aren't needed.

This has probably got a lot to do with how, comparing the first set-o-ducklings to the second set-o-ducklings, I find myself preferring the latter.

(It isn't even funny, how many times I just mistyped 'duckling' as 'fuckling'. Except it is. Funny. Because now the underlings have a new name, in my head.)

I loved Kutner. I miss him. I loved Amber. I miss her. I loved Ridiculously Old Fraud and still nurture a small hope that he will one day return.

I'm with you in that I hope Taub just reverses his decision next ep. Perhaps the preview just didn't include the right scenes, as your other chum above mentions. (I never watch previews, personally. I despise spoilers with an intensity that could lead to lasers shooting out of my eyes.)

And now I'm done with my random, rambly House!thoughts. T'ra!