Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

And now I have to get back to the fiction mines.

Have been running around madly for several days now, but today's finally been a quiet day of original project + Iceland. Yay, I think. Yesterday was all about the fannish media binge, with the Doctor of the Lecherous Tentacles, sahiya, gloriana, and S's friend for whom I have no LJ.

Things we watched, a partial list:
"Once More With Feeling"
"Smile Time"

One of these scripts was amazing stuff, even better than I remembered.
One of these scripts wasn't as good as the concept of the episode deserved.
One of these scripts made me certain that I haven't been missing anything, despite the high concept.

Guess which is which.

Also there were two Top Gears (Communistical cars and the Africa special), which were fantastic.

ETA: Aha! froxyn has written me Uther/Morgana for the Freeforall! I am off to read nao.
Tags: fandom:btvs

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