To heck with the poll winner.

You're getting Iceland and you'll like it. I hope. Bold promise, given that I have typed about 50 words of it so far. And that the research burden is exactly the kind I fear: writing about a place I've never been.

The writing soundtrack is prolly going to be Ultimae chillout and not something obvious like Sigur Ros. I note that I just missed Solar Fields performing at Yosemite, which is near enough to me that I would have done the drive to hear them. Dammit. Um, wait, where was I? Oh, right, putting together a suitably chilled sountrack. Important first step.

Also, I have a sort of plot bunny thing about Giles, Xander, and a stray cat. Um. Also, I seem to be writing Giles mpreg for the Fall Fandom Free For All. Um.
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Well, I'm glad others are writing randomly domestic weirdness too.

(And I'll break my no-mpreg rule if you do write it.)
I am determined to find a way to write mpreg that isn't ridiculous or maudlin or angsty in stupid ways. And that doesn't turn my characters into things they're not.

Poor Giles. Trauma incoming!
Check your library to see if they have travel guides. I used Frohmers travel guide for when I wrote my Core Four in Vegas fix so I could get a feel for what kind of attractions they'd have.
*needs Uther icon, pronto*
I'm not sure Giles mpreg is any worse than Uther/Gwen dub-con, which I wrote today. And posted, even.

(Did you look at that promotional shot of ASH kivrin posted today? OMG. It was like fetish wear for the medievalist!)
Guess What! If one hits the friends page at the top of lj, your friends lj's show up. (I never completed computer 101!) I am such an idiot. So anyway, been catching up on friends posts. Saw you had a broken toe. I can commiserate, as I have broken a big toe and both little toes in the course of my years. Not to mention fingers and ankles. Never start sports when you turn 30. Trouble is, still like them. Play racketball but had to give up softball(shoulder), fencing(knee) and basketball(Short)and now old age. But it was fun while it lasted. Do workouts like you seem to, but do a lot more cardio, though I do some weights. Anyway I am still keeping up on you fics and have been posting comments on them as you have noticed. Be well.
I started sports when I turned 40 :) The result has been a lot of bumps and bruises, but I've been having way more fun this way.