House s06e01

I was unspoiled, or had managed to forget this, which is the same thing in the end: I was delighted by Franka Potente's appearance. I enjoyed her character a bunch, too. It was the sort of writing that hinted at complexities we never see, and never will see. Their lives overlapped briefly and then moved apart. As they had to. She started off like superhero boy, an object to be used by House, then she became more, and then he has to move on.

Superhero boy was solid writing, too. House hitting bottom, confronted with human pain that he caused. (And one does wonder how much of this was Nolan manpulating events. All good therapists are manipulators, and the process of therapy is the process of consensual manipulation.)

Wilson: stopped enabling. For real. And House went off on a bus on his own at the end, without Wilson there to pick him up.

Character change must happen as a result of these two episodes. Ongoing character change. If it does, I'm delighted and poised for yet another enjoyable season. If it doesn't, bitter disappointment at the failure to follow through. Not that House can't be abrasive, smarter than everybody else, and deeply invested in solving the problem in front of him. Not that he can't struggle with changes. Just that something has to stick. Vicodin as symbol of that change.

Yeah, that was good stuff. Much better than those disappointing S5 openers, with the overly-cute private detective character they kept trying to cram down our throats.
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I'm just worried that in three eps they'll be back to writing him the same way they always did.

I'm a dark little soul, in case you never noticed :)
I was kind of disappointed to see that Wilson didn't pick him up at the end, but you're right that it was good for House.

I agree that character change is integral to making this season good. But I want House and Wilson to be friends again. I miss their banter, their playfullness, (their slashy subtext).

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.
Their friendship, when it resumes, will be different. This will be good. Change is good! Fingers are crossed.
Yes. This. All of this. I don't think I've ever loved an episode of House more than this one. It just hit all the right spots with me and had me crying and laughing and smiling at the end. And OMG, the character development that everyone said would ruin it, only it didn't!

I'm really, really hoping they follow through with it. As one person on the TWoP forum stated, this show successfully un-jumped the shark with that episode. We can only hope it stays un-jumped!

My only question is: Why does House look like Billy Joel this season?
The haircut is also one of those character symbol things.

I too loved this ep tons. I think the end of season 4 still wins for most amazing run of episodes, but I'm primed to enjoy season 6 if this is typical of the writing quality we're going to get.
The haircut is also one of those character symbol things.

Yes, but Billy Joel??

Seriously, though, I like it. It gives him a little more depth. Like, he looks like a normal every day kind of person now instead of leaning towards sex symbol. I'm really liking it.

The only thing that even irked me about the episode was the heavy handed symbolism of the other patients: Super powers boy representing his need to save everyone and solve problems and mute girl representing his emotional openness. So when it got to the end part it was like, "Yes, we get it. He saved himself this time." I think the episode would have been fine without any miraculous healing of other people and we still would have understood he was the PoTW.

In the corner of hope, I watched a few clips on the website. Nothing spoilery, but one was an extended clip of him saying he quits, which to me looked like he was leaning back towards dickery, but in the extended clip, I see glimmers of them holding on to the new House.

I have my fingers crossed!

I have the same worries everyone else does. Change is easy. Maintaining change is a bitch and a half.

(I confess that I really liked the PI and was sad when he disappeared without so much as a by-your-leave.)