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Today is a palate-cleansing software-tinkering day for me. I need to fix some minor problems with my fic archive site generator running under python 2.6, for instance. My Mac ports installation needs upgrading for the new 64-bit architecture under Snow Leopard. Also, I need to reverse the polarities of my pocket frammistan. Totally.

For a while the ficpoll was at a three-way tie, but the next chapter of Blackmail has edged out ahead. If you have any opinions, do pop over and vote. I'll leave it open until the end of the week. Until then I think I'll be tinkering with Giles, Ethan, and Buffy in Hell as a break from my Official Writing Project(tm).

Random: MeFi has a neat collection of links on Voronoi diagrams today. Amazing to look at.
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