FIC: Dormant (Giles/Buffy, FRT)

Title: Dormant
Pairing: Giles/Buffy
Rating: FRT
Summary: Buffy has run away to seek an ordinary life. Giles finds her, and tells her she can have it. That should be the end of the story.
Word count: 9800
Warnings: none
Notes: Very late Sweet Charity auction fic for seldomifever, who requested high-school era BG, angsty.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I claim no ownership and am making no money.

Giles came into the cafe during the slack time, after the lunch rush but before the afternoon coffee rush had started.Collapse )
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This was very interesting, and well written. I liked the ending especially.
That was a beautiful journey - absolutely well-paced and developed. Your attention to detail just kept me within the verse that you created and you had a beautiful balance between moving the story forward but still telling the tale.

I do love the ending very much - nothing was rushed, nothing was exaggerated. It just was. And it offered a wonderful possibility for a sequel.

Not that I'm hinting or anything. ....I swear. No hinting here. This is me being no-hinting-girl. *nods*


Hehe, thank you so much for sharing this. Thoroughly enjoyed it! ♥
A sequel is so very tempting, both to follow where those two go with this change in their relationship, and what happens when they go to a new Hellmouth. And thank you!
Very good. I forgot how good your fic is.

This seemed... less focused than most of what I've read of yours. It still worked, though.
A wonderful read. Seriously wonderful.

I love the Watcher-Slayer link within. I love the semi-platonic bed-sharing. I love the way you recapture that calm understanding that we see in Giles in the 'Buffy comes home and everyone except Giles acts like a twat' episode.

(And I was glad Pat from the book club died of spade-eyes 'cause she was a mingebag.)

What I liked most was the way everything felt vivid, like it was at the extremes of the spectrum, not the (mixed metaphor alert) watercolour wash of grey that Buffy's new life had been prior to Giles finding her. The colours, the temperatures, the dream sequences, even the way she was reacting to simple occurences...vivid and significant and, I dunno, sort of awakening. Emerging. Burgeoning. Like winter into spring.

This is a really beautiful piece. Thanks for another very enjoyable read.
The title is "dormant" but everything in the story is sort of about the opposite happening. I understood that about it very late in the writing process, so it was a bit of a fight to get it all pointing in the same direction (more or less) without being too thuddy.

Dead Man's Party drives me buggy. I buy Xander's anger, I do. But Joyce? Joyce is impulsive and has a temper, but would she really treat Buffy like that when she came back? I also cheered when Book Club Pat died, but that was only because she represented Joyce's baffling selfishness. Sigh.

Poor Buffy. Life sucks for the Slayer. I think it's a good thing she has a Giles around to understand what's going on, even though teenaged Americans baffle him at some level.
Oh, this was absolutely beautiful! You captured them brilliantly. Just the right amount of angst and completeness when in each other's presence. And the bit where they admitted their fondness for each other! So sweet and so very them. Loved the bit about her powers being intertwined with Giles' closeness. Just... gah, I loved every single thing about this fic. It was wonderful!
Very nice. Definitly a different settinng for a B/G fic. I love it a lot espically the prophetic dreams at the end.
You still manage to engage me in your wonderful AU while maintaining such a plausible reason for a B/G dynamite realationship. Love the thought of their mutual connection and how it Buffy came to slowly understand her need for her watcher. So glad they will be going to a new hellmouth. How cool that it is Iceland. This is yet another of your stories I am adding to my favorites. Thanks so much for continuing writting Giles/Buffy fics. More please.
Mmm, gentle, drama-less angst. Delicious.

I love Giles' caution. I'd never thought about this situation, him finding her so soon, with neither of them repaired or ready to move on.

There's a quiet sadness to this that I love. Giles seems to understand exactly what's going on, but care too much for Buffy to ask for it. He can't quite bring himself to walk away, though.

And when he suddenly kisses her and says the sweetest thing ever... Melt.

Thank you!

(reading comments)

Oh, no! I *love* Dead Man's Party! I *love* that the other characters aren't willing to just be all wilting flower and concede that Buffy's misery is much more precious than theirs. What parent isn't furious when their child scares the shit out of them? And yet now Joyce has to be terrified of expressing that anger, because she can't trust Buffy to stay and deal. So she's biting her tongue as best she can and she's trying to fix things, while Buffy's so whiny about the consequences (a girls' school!) and has not the slightest bit of sympathy for what she did to her mother. Willow's got resentment but she's too wishy-washy to own it. And of course, Xander's exactly the character who would need to tell her how selfish she is, and be outraged that others won't.

Buffy says she's sorry, but it's that version of 'sorry' where you don't feel any empathy, and the word's supposed to be a magic token to make other people stop making you feel bad. Which of course is delightfully perfect Buffy characterisation.

Most TV shows would have just given us prodigal son bullshit. I love that Joss gave us an episode of consequences. If anything, I was sad it all got wrapped up so quickly.

We must argue about this tomorrow.