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Pattern recognition and breakage

Just noticed something. I'm editing existing prose, and one of the things I always do late in the editing process is smooth out all my pronouns. There are times to use proper names and times to fall back to pronouns, and getting it all feeling right is often the last thing I do to a story. (And in case you had any doubts, my position on epithets is "never". Well, hardly ever.)

I've just noticed a pattern. I want to use a proper name for somebody straight off in a paragraph, first sentence, then use the pronoun for the rest of the graf. Feels weird to wait on it, feels weird to repeat the name. Now that I've noticed the pattern, of course I want to break it up and vary my usage, but I'm having a hard time making myself do it.

It's like the pattern of ending sentences with prepositional phrases. Drives me nuts now that I'm aware of it, but English sort of drives me in that direction. (I mean, really, it's hard not to. Look at the sentences in this LJ post. Look at this sentence. Stop it! Stop! Variety is good!)

Anyway. Do you catch patterns in your writing like this? Do you try to break them or run with them as personal style things?
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