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Yet I can never sleep here

Everybody's home today. Mr Pedia is in the living room fencing against an imaginary opponent with his smallsword. The dogs skitter around the floor to avoid him. The two cats are curled up together in the cat tree. Everybody's home, and it's playing havoc with my attempts to get this story draft done.

Today was chest and arms day at the gym: pushing, curling, and extending. Also burpee day. Oh, burpees. Some day I'll manage to do one properly. As it is, I did 30 sloppily. Slowly.

Ah, well. Back to turning off all non-essential services and holing up with headphones and my trusty text editor. It is probably going to be an Another Green World sort of day. Random: Cello and voice cover of a lovely song from a lovely album.
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