slayer needs watcher

It only rained for about half an hour, tops.

5am insomnia thanks to unseasonable (but forecasted) rain, thunder, and a cat who took advantage of same to catch a mouse. Which of course she brought into the bedroom and dropped inside Mr P's shoe. The shoe is now outside getting rained on. The cat is outside on the deck, romping. I can tell from the thumping noises and the sound of her bell. Mr P is sort of awake and sort of not; he's talking but it's all nonsensical.

So I'm awake. Sigh.

[Later] Two hours of sleep then a complaining cat woke me again. Can you believe that somebody shut the bedroom door and locked them outside? The nerve!

In other news, a story is inching ever closer to second draft status. Maybe. I don't want to get my hopes up too far. But first, coffee!
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Oh a dead!mouse! Yup that's a very special cat to give you their mouse. I'm sure the cat thinks so. (Sucks for the mouse.)
Even suckier for the mouse: it was still alive. And refusing to come out of the shoe. We share our lives with predators, and this is what happens.