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Fitness is awesome, part 99 of several million.

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Yesterday I did a lovely, awesome, great-looking Turkish get-up with a kettlebell in my right hand. Then I did a horrible, terrible, very bad, barely managed the leg-sweep Turkish get-up with the bell in my left hand. I am suspecting some left-side weakness here. I also did figure eights, which were great, but not awesomely complex and hard the way the TGU is.

Kettlebells! So much fun. The handle affords an entirely different sort of use than the bar of a dumbbell affords. You can swing them, clean them, snatch them, toss them around, squat with them, do thrusters with them, and do Turkish get-ups with them. I have no joke here; I just like saying "Turkish get-up".

What, you want to know what it is? It's a really old strength (not bodybuilding) exercise, the kind Victorian strongmen did. It's an interesting exercise that builds whole-body strength; one fitness blogger called it "yoga with rocks in". You lie on your back with a weight held in one hand. You stand up. Then you reverse your moves to end on your back again.

The devil's in the details.

This is a Turkish get up. This guy shows how you learn to do it one step at a time. Try it some day holding something trivial like a shoe.

The meta-comment I'd make about this is that I have successfully revolutionized my body over the last year. When presented with four flights of stairs, a year ago I'd have turned to the elevator. Today I grin and ask myself how fast I'll make it up them this time. This is awesome. I'm so glad I did it. The investment was time and sweat; the payoff is that I feel amazing.

Random: OMFG the refurbished Hubble is amazing.
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First of all, big congratulations on your fitness level. My husband and I are a month into walking 40 minutes at a brisk pace every day and it's still proving hard. Well, especially because I am carrying a lot of extra weight.

I have been following the Hubble for years now and yes, the new images are simply breathtaking.
That's how you get started: doing whatever you can do at a level that feels like work. Too easy, and it's not enough. I'm also hauling around too much weight and it makes everything harder than I'd like it to be. Climbing really hammers on that. I think I literally could not have climbed up a wall even on the very easiest routes when I got started with this. One workout at a time and it all improves gradually, until you shock yourself with how much your body has changed.
Kettle-balls are fab, aren't they? I use them at the gym sometimes, though at the moment I'm all about the step machine. I like climbing imaginary mountains it reminds me of being on the Appalachian Trail :-)

Congrats on being fit! It's been great following your journey, and quite clearly you've done an awesome job.
The cardio machines bore me to tears. I'd much rather swing kettlebells and complain about how heavy they are :) Or complain about burpees. I love complaining about those! I like the short intense stuff, I guess.