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Things to be noted   Things to be done
The Beatles Rock Band is out tomorrow! I note that my copy is already on its way to me. Wait patiently. Make sure the PS3 is updated.
I note that failure to pre-order the Beatles boxed set means that I'll need to wait for more to be produced. No, there is really is no alternative to owning the compleat Beatles.
I was able to hold off 10 weeks before plunging into a new software project with manic enthusiasm. Enjoy it. Continue to refrain from seeking full-time employment. Writing software for overlords is way less fun than writing it for yourself.
I really sort of want to finish a WIP. I have one in particular that's itching at me. Well, write it, dear Liza.
Guilt is a poor motivational strategy. Seek pleasure.
The Shaggy Cow Cat is the cat who's been sleeping on and in my car and leaving those paw prints everywhere. He was betrayed by the white fur shed inside. Nothing to be done.
One of the things I love about my car is the old-fashioned flasher ticking when the turn signal is on. There's nothing like a solid physical sound for feedback. Enjoy it. Even though the sticky hazard switch sometimes dislodges and disables the turn signals entirely.
I have a pile of recs to make from my read-through of the BuffyGiles archive. I still have 2 more seasons to go, though. Make them, one per week.
I have some observations about fanfictional writing trends to make, too. Write them up before you & your short attention span forget about them.
I haven't finished a story in weeks. Not even a low-stress kink meme. I'm stuck, here. No advice.
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