Plan for the day

- I will write a 500-miles-up novel outline today, with 3 aristotelian acts and all that stuff.
✔ I will answer at least one piece of email in re: real-life stuff.
✔ I will finish writing those short reviews of 4 climbing books.
- I will spend half an hour decluttering some portion of my home office. [Well, 15 minutes?]
✔ I will read through the BG story in progress, but I will not write anything in it.

And because I need a ringer:
✔ I will do laundry.
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I have a list -- it's just embarrassingly short. It's comprised of "make coffee" at the moment. :)

On another note, would that laundry/ringer include "the whites" a la Lebowski? :) Haven't gotten a chance at the tunes yet, but tonight I plan to take a chunk of time to myself and just veg....