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Today in James May news

James May built (or rather, caused to be built) a house made of Lego. Here are lots of photographs. Metafilter has more links and a discussion of Lego. And I really want to watch the BBC series this was done for.

ObGrammaticalObservation: As a kid and avid fan of Lego, I said "Legos" to mean "pile of bricks or other Lego-made pieces". Lego lawyers (you enjoying that visual as much as I am?) want you to say "Lego bricks" instead because it is a trademark. I love that the Mefi discussion went there.
yeah. I do enjoy that visual. I still want a bobble-head of myself like Denny Crane when I get through law school, though. :D
I am dying to see all the creations described in that teaser for the series. Bridges! Houses! Races!
Are they putting the series on DVD because that would be made of complete awesome!
I hope so! To the best of my knowledge it hasn't been aired yet in the UK, even, and is still in production.