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In which the working title turns out not to be the real title.

There is new Iain [M.] Banks, though it's not clear if the "M" stands for "science fiction" any more. We will buy a copy, in hardcover no less, and Mr P will read it and then maybe I will. Maybe. I say this as a person who thinks Use of Weapons is just insanely good and on my list of Best SF Novels Evar. But I grow weary of "rocks fall everyone dies" endings and the protagonists being utterly unable to achieve their goals. It's so modern, this insistence on the grim, though I suppose really Consider Phlebas ought to have been enough of a clue for me on several levels.

Anyway. I'm off to fight to the death with my own story. I have 5.5 hours left of "Sunday" in which to finish and send it to the person who commissioned it, who has been more than patient. It has been mercifully cool today, so I've been able to get some thinking done.

The music for today's writing has been Where Edges Meet by James Murray. Feel free to stream it from its publisher or from while you read the story. When I manage to post it. (And I note that the track title "Outside Context Solution" is likely a Banks reference. Heh.)

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