In which my fingertips are raw and my knees are scraped.

Am in the revision stages with the story. Woot? It's getting less angsty. Oops.

Finally picked a kink meme prompt to write and started writing it. Am a few hundred words in, and I guess maybe I should find a way to coax them into having sex soon, since the prompt does ask for that. Er.

Am now climbing 5.8 at the gym. This video isn't of me and doesn't show either of the 5.8s I did tonight, but it does show a 5.8 climb that looks sort of similar in some ways. (Not the same gym, I think, because the wall texture is wrong, but the route-setting style is similar.) Sorry, that was the closest vid I could find. Random youtube is random! [ETA: Actually, I think that is my climbing gym: here's another vid of the same people in the same corner, definitely my gym, and I thought that wall looked familiar.]

Otherwise, not much. Evil Dogs(tm) are still evil and in need of a cleansing trip to Mt Doom. Hope you are all well and having fun.

Followup to yesterday: Hi-rez version of the Jo Chen cover to issue 28.
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Hee! I know that quandry well. You gently nudge two characters together and then they sit and have a cup of tea and make awkward small talk and no matter how many times you clear you throat and give them pointed looks, they refuse to do anything more.
They're getting along well, and are quite fond of each other, but their clothes are definitely still on. And staying that way...