Buffy Season 8 issue 28

Here's the Dark Horse preview for #28, which shows the cover & the first two pages. The Jo Chen cover is lovely as usual. I might buy this one, though I've long since stopped following it out of, well, boredom.
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The roommate and I went to Barnes & Noble on Saturday night because the dogs were getting groomed and we had to kill some time. I stumbled upon the Buffy comic books/graphic novels and I have to say, I was really unimpressed. For as lovely and fantastic the covers are, I found the inner pages juvenile. The one I happened to page through featured Faith and both she and Buffy looked about 12, which I found really distracting.

That being said, I totally treasure the Buffy poster that lawyergirl15 gave me for Christmas 2 years ago of the original Buffy cover. ::points at icon:: I think Jo Chen is just an awesome artist and really like her work.
The interior illustrations by Jeanty are epically bad, and they put me off every time I see them. I have no idea why the guy is employable by the comics industry. Are pencils always that bad in tie-in books? I seem to recall being told they always are.

Jo Chen: awesome. Yes.
Dear God, if the rumor mill is to be believed, we can look forward to some cracktastic ship wars come next issue. I'm dreading the big reveal. It really shouldn't matter that much, and I have no problem completely ignoring comics canon in my fandom activities, but just knowing it's out there makes me cringe.
Yeah, I totally agree with your dread. I read the article by the guy who got the preview copy of the issue, and oh dear, what are we in for? If it's Xander/Dawn, no problem, but that's sort of been hinted at for a while, and this guy claimed to be shocked by it. So not that. What, then?
No idea. Even Xander/Dawn squicks the hell out of me, though. I see the logic of it, and I see the development of it, but just, no. A world of no. I know my hatred is irrational, but I can't help it.

As for anything else, who the hell knows. I'm rooting for some of the long odds though. God, Buffy/Giles would make me laugh my ass off at this point. Willow/Faith would be cool though.
Any non-Giles Faith pairing (on the theory that Giles/Faith can't "shock" anybody after their two storylines together).

Dunno. Guess we'll find out soon. Here's my real prediction: it'll be more boring than we're expecting, and it'll end in misery and grinding unhappiness for all involved.
Yeah I gave up on the comics a while ago. At first because of money issues but now because of storyline. I'll keep what I do have though because of Joan's awesome covers. Especially the Xander and Giles ones.

For my money the Angel comic is better at least storyline wise. Angel's human! Wesley's a ghost! There's a dragon! And the writers gave the Angel/Wes shippers some great subtext and heavy hints. (That I learned via spoilers, I stopped by the Angel comics because of no money, but I'd go back to them in a heartbeat.)
This is what I've heard from the entire flist: the Angel comics have all the good writing the Buffy ones didn't get. Though this arc is Jane Espenson, so I have some hope.