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In which that vampire is as yet unstaked.

Have not finished draft because have not been at home all day until now.
Worked out legs at the gym. Now they're sore. All over.
Accomplished shopping. Such a homemaker I am. HA.
Forgot to buy salsa, but did buy low-carb tortillas. We'll see if this concept works.
Chose cowboy boots to reward self with when a specific fitness goal is met. (Real soon now.)
Read some more retrospectives of Teddy Kennedy's legislative record, and got teary.
Am now working on the story.
Plan is: draft, revise, post, post poll, spend next 7 days working on orig fic project that I will refuse to talk about in any manner at all so do not ask. (I'm just insecure about it.) After 1 week, will work on poll winner for 7 days.

In the meantime, are there any memes I should do? Please do not suggest any of those lists of 100 questions written by high school sophomores. Fannish, fic-related, free-form, featuring questions from you guys, or something like that?

PS: Dogs are evil. I released them into the house, walked out to the car to grab another armful of grocery bags, and came back into the house to discover they'd already opened the cupboard where the rubbish bag lives. EVIL. And there was Dimmer Dog, slinking away from it, caught red-pawed.
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