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Today was a bad writing day, though a good day by every other measure.

I did not finish the story today, woes. Morning gone to an appointment, gym at noon, 2 hours of frittering, then sahiya came by for another trip to the climbing gym. I believe there was some belay test disappointment, but it was otherwise a very fun time climbing around on the walls then lounging around at my place afterward discussing various Doctors, fandom, and S's theory that I need to go to Gallifrey next year. The evening concluded with late sushi sans Mr Pedia, who is still at work even as I type.

I did learn, however, that I can snatch a 12kg kettlebell 60 times in 3 minutes. And that doing 16 walking lunge steps while holding a 24kg kettlebell in the rack position just slaughters me. And that I am very very close to completing my first 5.8 climb at the gym. I know what I need to learn to finish it.

Tomorrow: write or die.
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